German Federal Network AgencyAnnual report 2017 – Networks for the future

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German Federal Network Agency 

Release date:
May 2018

German Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railways, annual report

The Federal Network Agency has been able to emphasize new aspects in consumer protection in 2017. It could help consumers with questions about their contracts or switching providers, both in the telecommunications and in energy sector. The Federal Network Agency has also acted against espionage devices such as the doll Cayla or children's watches with interception. Electronics that cause radio interference or are insufficiently secured have been removed in large numbers from the market. This is also shown in a traveling exhibition of the market monitoring. In the case of broadband Internet, the Federal Network Agency has defined which speed deviations are illegal from its point of view. This helps consumers to enforce their rights. With the Transparency Regulation, the Federal Network Agency makes an important contribution to standardize and update information on contractual conditions. Complaints were also increasingly received in the postal sector, oftentimes due to shortcomings in the delivery of letters and parcels. Therefore, the arbitration boards for telecommunications and post office were in great demand.

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