American consumer and privacy organisations advocate for effective Do-Not-Track mechanism

Today American consumer and privacy organisations advocated for an effective Do-Not-Track (DNT) mechanism that allows individuals to decide when, whether, and how they will be tracked online, no matter what kind of technology or device they use.

The organisations express their support for the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) ongoing efforts to develop standards for how DNT should work. At the same time companies such as Microsoft and Mozilla were applauded, that have taken steps to meet the public demand for DNT. The Internet Explorer 10 designates DNT 'on' by default.

The organisations criticise, however, that some trackers say that they will outright ignore DNT preferences. They argue that if DNT was 'on' by default then this expresses the browser maker's choice, not the consumer's choice. As a result, even if consumers want DNT 'on' these trackers will ignore this.

The organisations therefore call upon industry to provide consumers with an effective DNT mechanism.


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Source: Consumer Federation of America