Allensbach InstituteA population poll on consumer protection and consumer policy

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Allensbach Institute

Release date:
August 2016

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, WISO Diskurs 08/2016

In fact, consumers in Germany are protected by a diversity of rules and regulations. Not merely politics, but also a range of actors, unions and NGOs make an effort in order to comprehensively protect the rights of consumers. But how do consumers themselves evaluate the laws on consumer protection? What are their experiences with consumer protection? In order to answer these questions and to learn more about the attitudes and preferences of the population on the subject of consumer protection, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation commissioned the Allensbach Institute with a survey representative of the population.

At the center of this study are the ideas and perceptions of citizens on consumer protection and consumer policy. The survey aims to find out more on how well consumers in Germany feel protected, the experiences they have made with consumer protection so far, which actors they know from this subject area and what they expect from politicians in the field of consumer policy. The study is based on 1.384 interviews with a representative cross-section of the population from the age of 16. The interviews were conducted between October 3-16, 2015 in a verbal and personal form. 

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