Sustainability"A ++" becomes "A": EU decision on simpler energy labels for electronic devices

Today, the European Commission adopted a new regulation on energy efficiency labels for electronic devices. This regulation intends to inform consumers about energy efficiency in a simple and comprehensible manner. The new rating scale ranges from "A" to "G". "A" describes the least energy-consuming devices. On the one hand, the new scale intends to provide consumers with a choice of environmentally-friendly and cost saving devices. On the other hand, it is intended to encourage innovations in the production of efficient products.

The following aspects of the resolution are central:

  • In future, advertising materials must specify the energy efficiency class of a product. Furthermore, consumers will be informed about the new labels through information campaigns.
  • The first electronic devices with new labels will not be available until the end of 2019.
  • As soon as 30 percent of the products sold receive the label "A", new classifications are automatically introduced ­– adapted to the continuous improvements in the production of energy-efficient devices.

Following the simplification of the labels, a product database and an online portal will be created in order to support market surveillance authorities and provide additional information for consumers. Dario Tamburrano, Member of the European Parliament, declared: "Citizens will have a clear, smart, digital system. Thanks to open, accessible data, new tools will allow citizens to compare products based on their habits and so buy more wisely. Smart appliances are the new frontier of energy efficiency and will measure how much and when to use it. I expect the Commission to fulfill its commitment to give Europeans a redress mechanism beyond the two-year warranty."

Source: European Parliament

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