Dr. Otmar Lell

Project Manager

Dr. Otmar Lell
Project Manager

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Otmar Lell is an expert in the fields of consumer policy and consumer law. His focus includes regulatory approaches in consumer policy, digitalization, issues of consumer law enforcement as well as consumer interests and sustainable development.

Prior to his engagement with ConPolicy Otmar Lell was active in the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv) from 2002 to 2020. He developed and represented positions of the German and European consumer movement on a broad range of issues including sustainable consumption, consumer interests in the transport sector and collective redress schemes. 

Otmar Lell studied law at Regensburg University and at Tulane Law School, New Orleans. In his doctoral thesis he enquired legal questions of environmental product labelling in German, European and international law - with a focus on genetically engineered food and food from organic farming.

Selected publications

  • Brackemann, H. et al. (2000). Liberalization of the German water supply – Effects on health and environment, outline of a framework for a competitive water resource, German Federal Environmental Agency, publication 2/00.
  • Lell, O. & Rechenberg, J. (2001). Overburdened legislative procedure? An inside view from the consultations on the Water Framework Directive. ZUR 2001, Sonderheft: Aktuelle Fragen des Gewässerschutzes, pp. 174.
  • Lell, O. (2001). Protection oft he seas against pollutants – Conflicts between EC law and international law, ZUR 2001, pp. 138.
  • Lell, O. (2003). Legal questions of environmental product labelling in German, European and international law. UTR volume 69, Erich Schmidt Verlag: Berlin.
  • Lell, O. & Steudte, C. (2003). EC and marine environmental protection with a special focus on the draft Water Framework Directive. In: Czybulka, D. (Ed.), Naturschutz und Rechtsregime im Küsten- und Offshore-Bereich; Nomos publishing: Baden-Baden.