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Behavioral Insights

The term "Behavioral Insights" describes findings from behavioural science about human behaviour. Research results from psychology and behavioural economics can be used to analyse the behaviour of consumers and answer the following questions: How do consumers make decisions under uncertainty? What influence does the context have on their behavior? When do they act according to their attitudes, and when do they deviate from them? 

Behavioral Insights take into account human patterns of thought ("biases"). These include, for example, the tendency to maintain the status quo ("status quo bias"), avoid losses ("loss aversion") or evaluate the same information differently depending on different forms of presentation ("framing").

In this context, so-called "nudges" play an important role. Nudges can be used to create decision-making environments that influence people to make certain decisions that they would make if they were fully informed.

We advise our clients on how Behavioral Insights can help achieve consumer policy goals. Whether to achieve goals in the fields of sustainability or data protection, in the workplace or online, we work with a team highly qualified in behavioral sciences to ensure that behavioral insights in policy, economics and everyday life are taken into account.

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