Project for the European Commission Supporting consumers exercise their rights

Project period:
January 2022 – June 2023

European Commission – DG Justice and Consumers

Project partner:
VVA, LE Europe,

Denied boarding on a flight, difficulty cancelling a contract with an internet provider, or a scam with add-on insurance – these are just a few examples of the types of issues consumers face on a regular basis. Many issues can be addressed with the manufacturer or service provider directly, but some remain unresolved. In such cases it is important for consumers to know their rights and ways to seek redress. The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR platform) by the European Commission helps consumers to understand their rights and access different routes of dispute resolution. DG JUST has asked a consortium formed of VVA, LE Europe, and ConPolicy to support the ODR platform in this task through behavioral insights.

This behavioral study will therefore investigate the most recurrent and frequent consumer problems and the respective legal frameworks surrounding them. To this end, the consortium will analyze market data and conduct stakeholder interviews. Furthermore, behaviorally informed solutions to how consumers could be empowered to seek redress, including via the ODR platform will be tested in a behavioral experiment with 8,000 consumers in four EU Member States.

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