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Empirical research

Policies "for and by" consumers must be based on consumer realities.

In our empirical research, we always make the real behavior of consumers the focal point and evaluate institutionally independent and evidence-based consumer policy measures 

We offer our clients empirically sound findings concerning the impact and benefits of consumer policy measures. We focus on tailor-made study designs, modern research methods (choice experiments, population-representative surveys, focus groups, etc.) and effective statistical methods.

Analytical research

In order to make strategic decisions, there is often a need for scientifically-based analysis of data and information.

In our analytical studies, we combine expertise in social science , law and political practice and evaluate current developments in consumer markets. Our strength lies in the systematic analysis of the literature and the current social discourse as well as the active involvement of relevant stakeholders.

Our clients receive independent assessments of current consumer policy developments.

International consulting

Internationally, consumer policy is increasingly recognized as an essential element of a functioning market and sustainable development. However, growing markets in the developing and emerging countries often lack the basic structures for a viable establishment of effective consumer policy.

Together with international partners, we apply the appropriate institutional framework of a critical inventory, work out the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional set-up and develop recommendations for a strengthening of the existing consumer policy structures.

With our expertise, we help to develop legal frameworks, to strengthen consumer policy institutions and civil society stakeholders and to promote a comprehensive professionalization of consumer policy in the international context.

Stakeholder dialogue

Compelling answers to consumer policy issues should not be based on theory alone, but rather through constructive exchanges between all relevant stakeholders.

Our stakeholder dialogues establish direct contact between various actors from science, policymaking, practice and the general public and promote an exchange of views on equal footing.

We develop tailor-made dialogue formats for our clients from the creation of the event concept, through identifying and addressing relevant stakeholders, to the facilitation and securing of results of the event. For this, we utilize different formats: major events, stakeholder dialogues, workshops and design thinking workshops.