Study commissioned by the Federal Office for Radiation ProtectionPossible applications of nudging in UV protection

Project period: 
July 2019 – December 2019

Federal Office for Radiation Protection

Project partner:

On behalf of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), ConPolicy and the innovation agency INNOKI are conducting a study on the potentials of nudging in UV protection.

The aim of this project is to show how policy-measures based on the nudge approach can be designed so that citizens are more likely to protect themselves from UV radiation.

Special focus is placed on the following aspects:

  • Assessment of the status quo of protection measures already recommended, target groups particularly worthy of protection and the level of knowledge on the risks of UV radiation

  • Systematic overview of the literature in the field of nudging with special regard to its relevance for UV protection

  • Proposals for the use of nudges in radiation protection and evaluation with regard to feasibility and benefits

  • Examination of transferability to other areas of radiation protection

ConPolicy conducts this study in four steps:

  1. Literature research: Based on a national and international literature search, the current state of research on nudging in health UV protection is recorded and possible gaps are identified. The results of the literature search will be supplemented by targeted interviews with experts.

  2. State of research: In this step, the results of the literature search are extracted, summarized and assessed with regard to the framework conditions and success factors of nudges.

  3. Workshop: Together with INNOKI, nudge prototypes for concrete situations and target groups will be developed in a creative workshop.

  4. Recommendations for action: In the last step, the essential results of the study are summarized and recommendations for action are derived.

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