Empirical study for the European CommissionIdentification of training needs of European consumer organizations

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Juli 2019 – January 2020

European Commission – DG JUST

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Consumer organizations play a crucial role to offer consumers independent advice and to represent consumer interests in the political process. In the context of the project Consumer Pro the European Commission entrusted the European consumer organization BEUC to implement a capacity-building project to make consumer organizations and other actors in consumer policy stronger and better equipped to protect consumers in their country.

To ensure that this capacity-building program is tailored to the actual training needs of the target audience, together with BEUC ConPolicy undertook an analysis of needs. By means of a quantitative online-survey and qualitative telephone interviews the different topics and skills were identified that should be addressed in order to build up both the capacity and effectiveness of the European consumer movement. On that basis, a comprehensive program as well as training resources and other useful tools will be developed.

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