Project for the German Federal Environment AgencyDevelopment of a sufficiency strategy for the transport sector and its successful communication

Project period: 
October 2020 – February 2023

Federal Environment Agency

Project partner:
German Aerospace Center e.V. (DLR), Institute for Transport Research

The transport sector plays a major role in achieving sustainability and climate protection goals. Passenger and freight transport is responsible for about one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. For climate targets to be met, a rapid and comprehensive transformation of transport demand is essential. Improving efficiency and switching to more environmentally friendly energy sources are not enough to achieve this. Therefore, the question increasingly arises as to how changes in transport demand can help reduce the environmental impact of the transport sector - in other words, what role sufficiency can play in the transport sector. So far, this was unclear and the practical significance of sufficiency strategies in transport policy was low. 

Against this background, DLR and ConPolicy were commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency to carry out the project "Sufficiency in Transport". The aim of this project was to explore the potential for sufficiency strategies in the transport sector and to develop ways to successfully communicate sufficiency mobility habits.

In the first phase of the project, the scientific discourse were systematically analyzed to record sufficiency mobility habits for different groups of people and to evaluate measures for sufficiency mobility. In a further step, the acceptance of sufficiency approaches in the transport sector were investigated by expert interviews and representative consumer surveys. Based on this, a communication strategy and a set of indicators was developed to record the success of implementing a sufficiency strategy in the transport sector.

The results of the project can be found here

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