Project for the DIN Consumer CouncilDevelopment of a strategic concept to cope with digitalization in standardization processes

Project period:
September 2018 – November 2018

DIN Consumer Council

Nowadays, aspects of digitalization affect almost all products and services. Also, the distinction between products and services has become fluid: Classical toys are becoming Smart Toys, regular door locks develop into Smart Locks and watches are increasingly becoming Smart Watches.

The DIN Consumer Council, who represents consumer interests in national, European and international standardization, faces the challenge that classical aspects of standardization, like usability or product safety, need to be broadened by requirements brought about by digitalization. The question arises, how the DIN Consumer Council can fulfill its role in an increasingly digitalized world and how aspects of digitalization should be integrated into standardization processes of “classical” products and services.

Against this background, ConPolicy is commissioned to develop a strategic concept to cope with digitalization in standardization processes. This comprises:

  1. Elaboration of a conceptual basis: What are the essential changes for standardization brought about by digitalization?

  2. Deduction of organizational implications: What do these changes mean for the DIN Consumer Council and how should it react to them?

For the development of the strategic concept, expert interviews and workshops as well as an online survey were carried out.

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