Grzymek, V. & M. Puntschuh What Europe knows and thinks about algorithms – Results from a representative population survey

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Viktoria Grzymek & Michael Puntschuh

Release date:
February 2019

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Impulse on algorithm ethics #10

Algorithms determine the advertising we see, make decisions regarding loan grants and university admissions, and suggest suitable partners for us on dating sites. This presents many opportunities, but also poses challenges with regard to putting digital transformation at the service of society as a whole. Within this context, the question of whether and how Europeans engage with this topic takes on particular relevance. This study seeks to ascertain what Europe knows and thinks about algorithms. In so doing, it addresses three overarching questions: What does Europe know about algorithms? What does Europe think about algorithms? Where and how does Europe want to see algorithms used? The results offer information at a cross-European level regarding the degree to which populations are aware of and accept the use of algorithms. The study is intended to expand upon and deepen the primarily national-level work done on this issue.

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