US and European consumer organizations demand strong consumer protection in modern age

Today and tomorrow US and European consumer organizations come together for the 13th annual summit in Washington, D.C. In the US State Department the TACD will look back to the 50 years history of consumer rights and ask whether they still stand up in the modern age.

Furthermore, the TACD published a range of new resolutions: 

In the resolution Consumer Privacy Rights the TACD argues that consumer privacy has become one of the top issues on the political agendas in both Europe and the United States. Since its foundation in 1998 TACD has published 20 resolutions regarding issues of the information society. In its newest resolution TACD calls upon governments in the USA and Europe to enact adequate protections for consumer privacy rights and to enforce them vigorously.

The Resolution Protecting Mobile Privacy in a Hyper-local World the TACD shows that mobile devices have transformed the Internet experience. There are however, downsides: Locational, transaction, Web browsing and communications data are collected by network operators and online service providers. Hence TACD calls upon the governments to ensure that data protection legislation addresses the privacy of mobile Web consumers, that transparency is ensured, that there is meaningful participation by independent NGOs on key mobile standard bodies, that the industry consolidation is monitored and that privacy is integrated in these devices by default.

The resolution on The Internet of Things deals with devices embedded or attached to objects that consumers daily use and which are interconnected. The TACD argues that consumers need to be informed about how they work, they need to have choice to decide whether or not to use them and there need to be strong protections for privacy, security and health. 

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Source: TACD