Zimmermann-Janssen V., M. Welfens & C. LiedtkeTransformation towards sustainability – Why we need a literacy for sustainable consumption

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Vita E. M. Zimmermann-Janssen, Maria J. Welfens & Christa Liedtke

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Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Zukunftsimpuls no. 16

The progress of climate change and the deterioration of the environment make it clear that sustainable development, which has been called for internationally for decades, is one of the most important challenges. In order to achieve the sustainability goals set out by the United Nations in Agenda 2030, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all relevant actors – politics, the economy and each and every individual – are called upon. Sustainable development that simultaneously takes into account environmental protection, stable economic and social development, and social justice is thus based on the competence or 'literacy' of individuals to exercise sustainable action for themselves and collectively and to be able to promote it in mutual cooperation. But what skills are necessary to be able to act sustainably? What skills do consumers in particular need in order to be able to shape their production and consumption patterns more sustainably? Answers to this question are provided by the 'Literacy for sustainable consumption' developed and presented in this discussion paper.

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