acatech (Ed.)Transformation of mobility

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acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (Ed.)

Release date:
July 2021


When people think of mobility, they often first think of the car, the bicycle, the bus or the train. But mobility is much more than that: it enables us to get to work, go shopping or to the doctor, meet friends and take our children to school. In other words, it is also a way of participating in life. At the same time, it generates traffic, which in turn has serious consequences for the environment. How can we design mobility that meets the needs of all people and at the same time helps us achieve our climate targets? What role do technologies and new mobility models that focus more on using rather than owning play in this? What can we learn about modern urban planning from Copenhagen, the cycling capital? This HORIZONTE issue is devoted to these and other exciting questions.

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