PodcastTo declutter or not to declutter? How to free up space and even consume sustainably

Sorting out goods is still trending. A lot of guidebooks, blogs and vlogs show how decluttering home ground can supposedly lead to a more free and happier life. But can a short-term reduction in possessions also contribute to a resource-efficient, sustainable lifestyle in the long term? And how can one make sure that the cleared space won’t fill up again soon? ConPolicy consumer researcher Viola Muster knows all about it.

On the podcast by Fashion Revolution Germany, a group campaigning for sustainable fashion, Viola Muster explains the requirements for decluttering that actually contribute to a sustainable consumption. She gives some insights on the first results of the citizen science project "MeinDing - Ich bin, was ich (nicht) habe" (My thing - I am what I (don't) have).

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