German Council for Sustainable Development (Ed.)The sustainable shopping basket 2016

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Annika Schudak, Ingo Schoenheit, Anisja Obermann & Yvonne Zwick

Release date:
November 2016

German Council for Sustainable Development, brochure

Day after day we take a lot of actions that co-decide, if the climate is protected, if limited resources are preserved or human rights respected: it starts with the breakfast egg in the morning, continues with the choice of the means of transport for the track to work and does not end in flipping through a catalogue looking for the new fridge, which should be taken into consideration. Consumers have power, because with their consumption and lifestyle habits they can at least influence the range of products and services or even the business practice in entire industrial sectors.

The sustainable shopping basket, which was developed by the imug (Institute on Market, Environment and Society) GmbH Hannover on behalf of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), sets its starting point in everyday life: The booklet differentiates between frequent and rare shopping decisions and bigger, more scarce acquisitions and decisions as the purchase of a new car or investment. The booklet supports to develop new routines. The shopping basket describes the up to date debate on sustainable consumption. Currently there is momentum in the scientific, political and business driven discussion on that topic. Likewise dynamic is the presented publication that is published as fourth completely revised edition and experiences yearly updates in content.

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