Ferretti, F.The never-ending credit data mess

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Federico Ferretti

Release date:
October 2017

The European Consumer Organisation BEUC, BEUC-X-2017-111

This report explores the role of consumer credit data and their sharing in the retail financial markets of the EU Member States, and it analyses their functions within the EU policy and legal framework. The main aim is to provide some clarity and disentangle the many difficulties that characterize an area of the single market that can pose more than one concern for the detriment of European consumers. It purports to show the ongoing state of disorder within the EU single market and the reasons why the urgent and careful attention of the EU legislator is required. Besides, policy and regulatory questions for the EU financial services market become increasingly important in view of the new challenges presented by emerging technologies that avail themselves of new generations of personal data processing, as well as new business models that are capable of transforming the retail financial sector ('FinTech'). This report includes some recommendations to policymakers. 

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