Piorkowsky, M.-B.The economy is human: Economy and economics rethought

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Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky

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Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

When talking about the economy, most people think of large enterprises. Contrary to this widespread belief, however, current empirical data show that most companies start off and stay small. It can also be statistically proven that it is primarily private households that set up companies and associations, which creates hybrid (mixed) systems, such as household-company complexes. In everyday thinking and even among experts in science and politics, these empirical facts are often unknown and are therefore hardly taken into account in economic education. This can explain 'economic illiteracy', which is considered to be a cause of individual and social welfare losses.

This book explains the development of economic structures and functions by taking empirical data as a basis and emphasizing the importance of self-organization and the establishment of households, companies and associations as well as mixed and special forms of business in the evolutionary process of economic activity. The evidence-based analysis is supplemented by a critical examination of business studies at school and a theoretical historical reflection on economics. As a result, a new understanding of economy, of production and consumption, can be established and conveyed.

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