Heidbrink, L. & A. Gröppel-Klein (Eds.)The dark sides of consumer behaviour – Old problems, new challenges

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‪Ludger Heidbrink & Andrea Gröppel-Klein (Eds.)

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from the series: Consumer research, Volume 4, Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

About 30 years ago, the metaphor of 'the dark sides of consumer behaviour' was introduced in consumer behaviour research. Consumers sometimes knowingly place themselves in the wrong with their behaviour (as in the case of fraudulent returning of products, for example), but regard their misdemeanours as ‘smart peccadilloes’. In addition, people succumb to harmful temptations and tend towards addictions (e.g. in the form of gambling). Finally, consumers often act more selfishly (or less sustainably) than they claim to. The contributions in this book examine this general topic, address the dark sides of consumerism and encourage both consumers and companies to rethink some of their behaviour and also develop counter-strategies to it.

With contributions by Tilman Becker, Jonas Grauel, Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Rita Hagl-Kehl, Ludger Heidbrink, Stefan Hoffmann, Martin Klug, Jörn Lamla, Janina Loh, Kaspar Maase, Tobias Matzner, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Anja Spilski, Nathalie Weidenfeld, Marius Wuketich.

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