Bala, C. & W. Schuldzinski (Eds.)The 21st century consumer: Vulnerable, responsible, transparent?

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Christian Bala & Wolfgang Schuldzinski (Eds.)

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Consumer Association NRW, Proceedings of the International Conference on Consumer Research (ICCR) 2016

If we want to implement sustainable consumption, do we mean an efficient green economy or sufficiency strategies of post-growth societies? Do we need more privacy protection or are consumers migrating towards a post-privacy society? Does increasing social inequality require new consumer policies? Should politicians influence consumer behavior through nudges? These questions and the surrounding debates brought more than 130 participants from 18 countries to the International Conference on Consumer Research (ICCR) in Bonn on 26 and 27 September 2016. The ICCR provides an opportunity for empirical studies to be presented, but is also supposed to foster the establishment of the theoretical foundations for consumer research.

"The 21st Century Consumer: Vulnerable, Responsible, Transparent?" collects selected contributions of outstanding experts in the fields of consumer behavior, data protection, sustainability, and alternative consumption.

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