Rohs, M. & G. FloreSustainable mobility in the city for tomorrow: Roadmaps 2030/2045 and their effects

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Maximilian Rohs & Gabriel Flore

Release date:
October 2022

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), brochure

Mobility is a central prerequisite for participating in social life and makes a significant contribution to a high quality of life. At the same time, urban passenger and freight transport is a major cause of air pollution, noise and land consumption. It is therefore important to make transport more sustainable and environmentally friendly without restricting the mobility of the population and the transport of goods.

To this end, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) published the vision 'The City for Tomorrow' in March 2017. Following on from this, this brochure provides a detailed overview of the results of the modelling of the (packages of) measures, particularly with regard to the transport impacts of these, and presents roadmaps for the years 2030 and 2045 on this basis.

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