Study on the situation of German consumers published

Yesterday the German Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection published a study on the situation of German consumers. The study encompasses a systematic analysis of the position of German consumers on six markets: Convenience goods, finances and insurances, media and telecommunication, energy, health and mobility. 

The study was conducted by the research and consulting company Prognos. Key results are:

  • The study shows that consumers are able to consume in an “enlightened” way in Germany. More often than not they are able to consume in a sovereign way. They combine different information sources with the aim to get hold of credible information.
  • Consumer policy is confronted with the particular challenge to enable vulnerable consumers an adequate participation in consumption.
  • Consumer policy has to play an active part in ensuring the safety and sovereignty of consumers in Germany. Consumer policy is successful if she improves consumer education and competencies and if she enhances consumer protection.
  • Vulnerable consumers need particular protection. Such protection lies in the responsibility of the state.

Consumer protection minister Ilse Aigner said about the results of the study: “The results prove the success of the current consumer policy. […] The study is an affirmation of our approach, and at the same time it motivates us to initiate new projects.”


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Source: BMELV