Lohsse, S., R. Schulze & D. Staudenmayer (Eds.)Smart Products – Münster Colloquia on EU Law and the Digital Economy VI

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Sebastian Lohsse, Reiner Schulze & Dirk Staudenmayer (Eds.)

Release date:
June 2022

Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

Some aspects of smart products have been regulated by the Digital Contracts Directives adopted in 2019. However, smart products not only are an important subject for contract law but also for product liability law. For contract law the main questions to be addressed are how smart products fit into existing concepts of contract law and, moreover, how they can be used in legal and commercial practice; for product liability law is analysed how the Product Liability Directive can meet the challenges posed by smart products. The 6th Münster Colloquium provided a forum for in-depth discussion of these and related questions between renowned experts on digital law as well as representatives from politics as well as industry and consumer stakeholders.

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