Consumer behaviorReport of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations shows lack of confidence in politics

Today, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) presented its annual report 2016/2017, which finds a lack of consumers’ confidence in politics. This report summarizes developments in consumer policy during the past year as well as the legislative period and indicates the need for action in consumer protection.

The annual report is based on the data collection of the consumer report 2017 by Kantar Emnid on behalf of vzbv. In spring 2017, around 1,016 telephone interviews were conducted for this representative population survey. Consumers were asked about topics such as the importance and state of consumer protection in Germany, responsibility for consumer protection, consumer confidence and political demands.

These are some key results:

  • For 90 percent of respondents, consumer protection is important or very important for their personal safety as consumers.
  • 79 percent of consumers consider the protection of consumers' interests as a task of politics.
  • However, only one in four (26 percent) relies rather strongly or very strongly on politics. 70 percent have little or no confidence in politics regarding consumer protection.
  • Old age pension schemes are an essential issue for consumers: 89 percent of consumers find that ensuring a sufficient old-age provision important or even extremely important.

Klaus Müller, director of vzbv, commented: "The consumer report has revealed a trust gap. If consumers feel that their interests are not perceived adequately, this creates uncertainty. Strong consumer policy is needed to give consumers more security."

Source: vzbv

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