Record year for European Consumer Centers

European Consumer Centers have handled more than 80.000 enquiries in 2013, representing a 11% increase compared to 2012. The numbers reveal that:

  • Among all contacts from consumers, 32.522 dealt with complaints (an increase of 9% compared to 2012), especially regarding air transportation, car rentals, household equipment and ticket purchases.
  • More than 15% of the received complaints concerned the non-delivery of products.
  • In two out of three cases, the Consumer Centers were able to help and yielded a positive outcome for consumers. 

“By helping Consumers across national borders the European Consumer Centres make a valuable contribution to the Single Market.” – affirmed Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for Consumer Policy.

According to the EU Commission reasons for this increase are manifold:

  • Consumers are more and more knowledgeable concerning their rights.
  • Consumers are increasingly aware of the work of European Consumer Centers.
  • Consumers do more cross-boarded purchases than before. 


Further information:

Source: European Commission