Semmling, E., A. Peters, H. Marth, W. Kahlenborn & P. de HaanRebound effects: How can they be effectively restricted? A handbook for the practice of environmental policy

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Elsa Semmling, Anja Peters, Hans Marth, Walter Kahlenborn & Peter de Haan

Release date:
June 2016

German Federal Environmental Agency, brochure

adelphi, Ernst Basler+Partner and the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research (ISI) have been commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) to conduct a study on the significance of "rebound effects" in terms of environmental policy. This guide intends to aid the introduction, design and implementation of environmental measures and tools. Based on existing studies and discussions with experts, the initial phase of the study identifies what rebound effects actually are, which types exist and how they are triggered. The second phase of the study will analyze the environmental policy actions and tools that could prove useful in tackling rebound effects. In conclusion, potential solutions towards diminishing rebound effects will be illustrated based on the identified need for action. Detailed results as well as analyses of supporting literature will feature in the final report on the rebound effects project.

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