Gährs, S. et al.Prosumer households: Practical guidance for a social-ecological and system-appropiate funding policy

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Swantje Gährs, Astrid Aretz, Markus Flaute, Christian Oberst, Anett Großmann, Christian Lutz, Daniel Bargende, Bernd Hirschl & Reinhard Madlener

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Institute for ecological economics research (IÖW), research report

As part of the project "Prosumer households – Private households as new key actors in the energy transition" different theses were developed that shed a light on the chances and possibilities of prosumer households given ecological, economics, social and technological aspects. The theses were examined during the project and supplemented by further scientific results. Based on this work, the practical guidance for general framework conditions at hand aims to increase the potential of prosumers as well as to strengthen the system benefit from prosumers. In the process, both political measures and regulatory instruments as well as market mechanisms can play an important role in each generating a transition of the energy system or rather accelerating it.

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