Krause, S. et al.Prolonging product life – Approaches for waste reduction and resource conservation through reuse and preparation for reuse

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Susann Krause, Matthias Fabian, Nicole Dicke, Marina Köhn, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Baumeister, Grit Körber-Ziegengeist, Dr. Ines Oehme, Ines Bockhardt, Lisa Frien-Kossolobow & Thomas Ebert

Release date:
April 2020

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), background paper

Shortening the lifespan and useful life of different product groups uses up enormous amounts of energy and natural resources. As a result, significant amounts of waste are generated, of which only a small proportion is prepared for reuse and is reused as a used product. Measures to prolong a product's useful life make a significant contribution to reducing waste and conserving resources. This background paper summarizes the facts and presents approaches for avoiding waste and conserving resources through reuse and preparing for reuse for discussion.

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