Gellrich, A.Private air travel – Environmental awareness and CO2 compensation

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‪Angelika Gellrich

Release date:
December 2020

Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), flyers and leaflets

This flyer presents survey results from the 2018 environmental awareness study on air travel and voluntary compensation payments. The respondents' statements on the frequency of private air travel in the past 12 months are differentiated according to socio-demographic characteristics. There are clear differences with regard to the age and income of the respondents: younger people and people from high-income households flew more often. 30 percent of those questioned know the option of voluntarily offsetting greenhouse gas emissions caused by flying. Eight percent of all respondents state that they have already compensated for the CO2 emissions caused by air travel. The data are based on an internet-based representative survey with around 2,000 people.

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