Kola-Bezka, M.Policies and regulatory instruments in pursuit of circular economy

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Authors: Maria Kola-Bezka
Publication Date: March 2024 
Publication: The Human Dimension of the Circular Economy, 2024

The implementation of circular economy principles on both the supply and demand side of the market requires the engagement of numerous actors interacting in a complicated institutional environment, that is, under the rules that shape their decisions and are at the core of how business, consumers and other key actors interact and collaborate. This text is a book chapter of recently published “The human dimension of the Circular Economy” and provides an overview of existing regulatory and policy instruments resulting from the long-term strategic orientation of the global and the European Union policy frameworks towards circular economy and analyses how these macro factors influence the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and organizations. It also investigates possible mechanisms of individual influences on the legal and political sphere. It concludes that the institutional framework, as one of the factors affecting the circular economy mindset, directs individual behaviors and contributes to the implementation of circular economy principles in practice. It also argues that by raising awareness, supporting initiatives, advocating for change and educating themselves, individuals can play a vital role in shaping circular economy law, policies and regulations.

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