Beyerl, K. et al.Pathways to the sustainable use of plastics: Key messages from social science research

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Katharina Beyerl, Franz Bogner, Maria Daskalakis, Thomas Decker, Anja Hentschel, Mandy Hinzmann, Bastian Loges, Doris Knoblauch, Linda Mederake, Ruth Müller, Frieder Rubik, Stefan Schweiger & Immanuel Stieß

Release date:
March 2022

GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Volume 31, Number 1, pages 51–53

The input of plastics into the environment is growing worldwide. Since existing regulations are not sufficient to curb the problem, the ever-increasing plastic production and use must be reduced overall. A systemic approach is needed that holds all actors responsible who produce, use, recycle, dispose and trade in plastic products and packaging. Policymakers must drive the necessary paradigm shift and enable a sufficiency debate across society.

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