Dahl Andersen, A. et al.On digitalization and sustainability transitions

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Allan Dahl Andersen, Koen Frenken, Victor Galaz, Florian Kern, Laurens Klerkx, Matthijs Mouthaan, Laura Piscicelli, Juliet B. Schor & Taneli Vaskelainen

Release date:
October 2021

Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions Available, in press

Digitalization is now ubiquitous across society. Large parts of the world's population use multiple Internet applications every day. Digital technology is further expanding into food production (‘precision farming’), electricity (‘smart grids’), housing (‘smart homes’), healthcare (‘health apps’), mobility (‘smart mobility’), peer-to-peer services (‘sharing economy’) and banking (‘online payments’). Against this background, European politicians have recently embraced the notion of a ‘green digital transformation’ based on the widespread use of digital technologies.

Transition scholars devote surprisingly little attention to the sustainability of digitalization. The authors call for more work on digitalization in transition studies and offer a number of perspectives to study the roles of digitalization in sustainability transitions.

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