Behavioral research on behalf of the German Advisory Council for Consumer AffairsNew ConPolicy study on personalized consumer information

Consumer information is ubiquitous in everyday consumer live. In particular, is serves to warn consumers of dangers and to enable them to make informed consumption decisions.

However, despite the central importance of consumer information, they have been criticized in consumer policy and research. Some call to improve the effectiveness of consumer information by taking greater account of behavioral insights. It is also proposed to personalize consumer information using digital technologies. Personalization could affect different aspects: content, level of detail, framing, arrangement of options, timing and (graphic) form. These factors could also be varied in different dimensions. For example, in terms of the financial vulnerability, consumer skills, sustainability attitudes or media use.

This study examines the effects of personalization on behavior, subjective and objective information, satisfaction and acceptance. Therefore, a behavioral experiment is designed and conducted in collaboration with decision-context. In connection with another legal study the purpose of this study is to provide guidance to the German Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs for its work on this question.

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