Consumer behaviorMost consumers buy Christmas gifts online

Just in time for the holiday season, Bitkom has published a survey on consumer Christmas shopping today. It shows that the majority of German consumers wants to buy presents online as they enjoy the flexibility that comes with it.

For this survey, Bitkom Research interviewed 1,003 German consumers, including 835 Internet users, aged 16 and over via telephone on behalf of the digital association Bitkom in November 2019.

Further details:

  • 61 Percent of German consumers say they want to buy their Christmas presents online.

  • Among Internet users, 73 percent buy their gifts online – either all of their presents (27 percent) or just partially (46 percent). On the other hand, 22 percent of Internet users buy Christmas presents exclusively in shops on-site and another two percent do not buy any presents at all.

  • Reasons for online shopping are home deliveries (74 percent), avoiding crowds in the shops (58 percent), better price comparison (55 percent), shopping regardless of opening hours (48 percent) and the possibility to find individual presents (34 percent). Furthermore, 26 percent of online Christmas shoppers get inspiration and gift ideas online, 23 percent use online discount codes and 21 percent collect loyalty points while shopping for Christmas.

Christopher Meinecke, Bitkom head of digital transformation, commented: “Online shopping is commonplace for many people and saves time and stress, especially when buying presents before Christmas. Often delivery is still possible on the day of the order so that presents can be bought online shortly before the holidays."

Source: Bitkom

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