Gossen, M. et al.Mobility of the future: Project report on "ShareWay – On how to advance from shared mobility to the third generation"

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Maike Gossen, Gerd Scholl, Thuy Chinh Duong, Lukas Foljanty, Carsten Kudella, Diana Runge & Paula Ruoff

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KCW GmbH & Institute for ecological economics research (IÖW)

The present report on the project "ShareWay – On how to advance from shared mobility to the third generation" was supported by the Austrian ministry of transport, innovation and technology (bmvit) and commissioned by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). It provides a comprehensive compendium of information on the current state of research and practice of shared mobility.

The conducted secondary analysis systematically collects knowledge and thereby identifies respective knowledge gaps and further need for research and founding. The research questions and funding needs as identified in this evaluation report are to be understood as proposals that might be considered by future support programs of the bmvit. The overview of the standard of knowledge and respective gaps gained from this project demonstrates that there is a need for diverse and profound research in the area of shared mobility, especially in order to reap and advance the potentials of these mobility forms.

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