Consumer protectionMillions of unsafe products withdrawn from retail and online trading

Today, the German Federal Network Agency presented the results from its market investigation into German retail and online trading for 2018. This monitoring is based on mystery shopping as well as a targeted examination of retailers, who offered particularly large quantities of products online.

These are the details:

  • In online trading, a total of 10.21 million products were banned, including mainly electrical devices: 4.14 million Bluetooth speakers, 2.5 million wireless headphones, 2.42 million smartwatches, 508,200 mobile devices and nearly 123,000 remote-controlled drones.

  • Moreover, in the German retail sector roughly 1.63 million non-compliant products became subject to distribution bans or measures to correct for defects and were withdrawn from the market. A total of 4,600 different device types were examined.

  • Missing product labeling and information as well as illegal frequency usages or excessive transmission powers, which for instance could lead to disruptions in police radio, were among the identified product deficiencies.

Jochen Homann, president of the German Federal Network Agency, commented: "The rapidly increasing figures show the great importance of us monitoring online trading. Only this way we can effectively protect consumers. Increasingly more unsafe products from the Far East are reaching the German market via the Internet. If prices are very low, consumers should look twice."

Source: German Federal Network Agency

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