SVRVMandatory insurance against natural hazards – New developments, constitutional conformity and public acceptance

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German Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs (SVRV)

Release date:
February 2022

German Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs, Berlin

The flood disaster of summer 2021 has shown that Germany is fully affected by climate change, but is not sufficiently adapted to the consequences of climate change. With a view to better adaptation, there are reform models from SVRV, GDV and vzbv, each with the aim of ensuring that significantly more - ideally all - residential buildings are insured against natural hazards, making owners as well as tenants more resilient than before to the consequences of climate change. Today, they are not yet, as the results of a representative survey conducted by infratest dimap clearly show. In addition, it is shown that mandatory insurance against natural hazards, as proposed by the SVRV, meets with broad acceptance among the population and is constitutional according to the explanations of the constitutional lawyer Prof. Thorsten Kingreen.

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