Ginzky, H., C. Löwe & C. NeßhöverLessons from the Corona crisis: New leitmotifs for environmental and sustainability policy necessary? – a contribution to the discussion

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Harald Ginzky, Christian Löwe & Carsten Neßhöver

Release date:
September 2020

Position, German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)

This position paper discusses which leitmotifs for future environmental and sustainability policy may be required in addition to the existing ones in order to be able to achieve firstly an effective crisis management of the current and possibly future pandemics and secondly an early socio-ecological transformation, in particular towards greater climate compatibility. The proposals are based on a careful analysis of the experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, the environment and health nexus should receive more attention. It is also proposed that the resilience of economic and social systems, structural justice, solidarity, learning control, the strengthening of state institutions capable of acting and a new digital culture be established as requirements.

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