Joint initiative seeks to protect consumer data in the EU

An initiative of associations, administrative bodies and the European Consumer Centre (EVZ) in Germany will jointly seek to improve the situation of all market participants in the field of consumer data protection. On Monday, the EVZ in Kehl hosted a workshop entitled “Protection of consumer data in the EU”. The meeting provided a concrete result: The panellists agreed on drafting a joint recommendation regarding consumer data protection. The final version is meant to be sent to all MEPs and stakeholders in order to demonstrate the practical relevance of the topic. Enterprises should be guided towards a transparent handling with consumer data whereas consumers shall be sensitised to be more aware and alert with their rights. 

At the workshop also a study was presented that was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). It is entitled “The protection of customer data in the EU”. The study shows, inter alia, that consumers are often left alone regarding the topic. Data privacy statements are often “hidden“, difficult to read and understand and in many cases not even available if needed. Moreover consumers often do not find out which purpose the companies follow with the collected data.


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Source: European Consumer Centre (EVZ)