Gandenberger, C.Innovations for the Circular Economy – Current status and perspectives

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‪Carsten Gandenberger

Release date:
January 2021

German Federal Environmental Agency, environment, innovation, employment | 01/2021

The envisaged transformation towards a circular economy requires numerous innovations. The emergence of these innovations hinges on the performance of the innovation system of the circular economy. This study therefore describes and analyses the innovation system of the circular economy. Starting point for the analysis are the basic functions of innovation systems, such as the generation of new knowledge, the emergence of new markets, the establishment of companies or the introduction of new business models. The analysis comes to the conclusion that the transformation towards a circular economy in Germany is still in an early phase of development with little momentum. In order to overcome the identified weaknesses of the innovation system, the markets for secondary raw materials and entrepreneurial experimentation with circular business models and approaches to material flow management would have to be promoted.

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