Bodenheimer, M., C. Brauer & J. SchulerInitial findings on Covid-19-induced changes to material consumption and mobility behavior

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Miriam Bodenheimer, Clemens Brauer & Johannes Schuler

Release date:
April 2023

Umweltbundesamt (UBA), Environment, innovation, employment | 02/2023

This paper presents the results of a multicountry survey on Covid-19-induced changes in consumption habits with a focus on nonessential material consumption and mobility behavior. The survey (n=4000) was carried out in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States in early 2021. Our findings show early trends toward more sustainable behavior in nonessential material consumption, especially a reduction in purchases and the realization, that the unpurchased items were not missed. While there were likewise significant pandemic-related changes in mobility both concerning trip frequency and purpose and transport modes, respondents’ future intentions do not suggest significant gains in sustainability in this area.

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