DigitalizationIncreased demand for smart home devices during pandemic

The German Society for Consumer Research (GfK) released new figures on consumption preferences regarding Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) including smart devices for 2020 today. Sales data indicate that the strong focus of the centre of one's life in people's homes during the Corona pandemic led to a significant increase in demand for tech goods for use at home – for example, alert detectors, robot vacuum cleaners or voice-controlled speakers. This demand has thus contributed to the rapid digitization of private households.

These results are based on the GfK's annual sales data collection in more than 70 countries worldwide for 2020 and the previous year. The data covers the segments of consumer electronics, photo, telecommunications, information technology, among others.

These are further details:

  • Compared to the previous year, sales of smart products performed above market average in 2020, generating a 24 percent increase in sales across EU7 markets (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium).

  • As many consumers were restricted to studying, working and doing leisure activities at home, sales for smart entertainment and office products increased by 19 percent in the EU7 markets. With a share of 66 percent these products recorded the highest growth in the smart devices segment.

  • In particular, sales of voice-controlled products performed above average with an almost 61 percent increase, making them the best-selling tech goods of 2020.

  • Driven by the shift towards the domestic environment, the segment of Smart Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) and Smart Health (vacuum cleaners, fitness trackers, wrist sport computers) recorded the fastest growth in the EU7 markets with a 41 percent increase.

  • In the health and hygiene category appliances with the highest sales included vacuum cleaners (43 percent), 'smart' cooking devices (71.5 percent) and smart built-in hobs (48.2 percent).

Nevin Francis, GfK expert on technical consumer goods, concludes: "The popularity of smart robot vacuum cleaners, smart alert detectors, smart LED and cooking appliances during 2020 proves that tangible benefits do motivate consumers to upgrade to the 'smart' version of household products. As more consumers buy smart products and become convinced by their tangible benefits and ease of use, smart will cross the chasm to mass market appeal."

Source: GfK

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