DigitalizationIn Germany, 810 million text messages are sent and received every day

Today, the digital association Bitkom published the results of a representative survey on the use of text messages via SMS or messenger services such as Whatsapp and Signal in Germany. According to the results, each person who uses a smartphone or cell phone receives an average of 13 messages per day.

For this study, Bitkom Research, on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, interviewed a total of 1,005 people in Germany above the age of 16 in January 2021, including 883 users of smartphones or cell phones, about how often they use text messages in everyday life.

These are further details:

  • More than 810 million text messages are sent and received in Germany every day – for the year 2021 the total volume is estimated to around 300 billion messages.

  • 88 percent of respondents use a smartphone or conventional cell phone – this share corresponds to around 61 million people of Germany's total population.

  • Most smartphone or cell phone users receive between ten and 20 short messages per day (40 percent) or more than 20 short messages (25 percent). 17 percent of respondents received five to ten messages a day and eleven percent said they got fewer than five short messages.

  • With an average of 18 short messages per day, the age group of 16- to 29-year-olds is the most active on messenger services.

  • The 30- to 49-year-olds receive an average of 15 short messages per day; 50- to 64-year-olds receive eleven messages while elderly people above the age of 65 get an average of nine and thus the fewest amount of short messages on a daily basis.

  • In addition, no gender-specific difference could be found: both women and men receive around 13 short messages a day.

Bernhard Rohleder, Bitkom Managing Director, commented: "Text messages not only play a very central role in private communication. Especially during the Corona pandemic, many keep in touch with friends and family members and can quickly and easily exchange greetings, photos and videos."

Source: Bitkom

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