Gossen, M., B. Holzhauer, M. Schipperges & G. SchollIn-depth study in Germany 2014: Environmental consciousness and behavior of young people

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Maike Gossen, Brigitte Holzhauer, Michael Schipperges & Gerd Scholl

Release date:
January 2016

Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), texts | 77/2015

Subject of this in-depth report is the environmental consciousness and behavior of young people. The results were collected during a study on environmental awareness 2014 by the German Federal Ministry for the environment, conservation, construction and reactor safety (BMUB) and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). In the process, a representative online survey with German and English speaking persons above the age of 14 as well as different qualitative studies were conducted. The report deals with the environmental attitudes and behavioral patterns of young adults and their understanding of a good life and the respective role of nature and the environment. It can be shown that nature and the environment play a different role the everyday world of younger people than it is the case for the overall sample. 

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