Roßnagel, A. & C. GeminnImproving the General Data Protection Regulation – Suggested changes from the consumer's perspective

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Alexander Roßnagel & Christian Geminn

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from the series 'Electronic legal communication', Volume 43, Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

After two years of the General Data Protection Regulation in force, this book carries out an evaluation from the consumer's perspective and presents 33 simple concrete suggestions to improve the regulation's text in order to better achieve its goals. In addition, it discusses conceptual weaknesses of the regulation and develops proposals for solutions that fulfill their protective mandate. The regulation is far too abstract for many typical application situations and therefore provokes legal uncertainty and investment backlog. It does not meet any challenge of modern information technology and thus creates protection gaps. The recurrent evaluations of the regulation can help to remedy shortcomings and bring about an evolution in EU data protection law.

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