Piorkowsky, M.B.Hybrid economic actors and organizations. Anomalies, normality or artifacts – An approach

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Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky

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Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

Outside the standard economic literature, hybrid economic actors and organizations have been talked about, written about, and discussed in economic and social science communities for quite some time. However, the rationales for attributing hybridity to the cases examined here are neither consistent nor always comprehensible.

This book adopts an institutional economics approach to the analysis of economic hybridity, guided by Wolfgang Zapf's theory of welfare production and the distinction of institutional economic sectors in the European System of Accounts.

The author thus illustrates in a clearly comprehensible and theoretically well-founded way the shaping and malleability of the economy by the personal actors in their organizational contexts. He thus follows up on the argumentation of his book 'Economics is Human' from 2020.

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