Mundhenke, R., L. Rott & C. KörnerHow we live – Our path towards a zero-emission and resource-friendly future

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Regan Mundhenke, Lena Rott & Claudia Körner

Release date:
March 2021

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), brochure

How can we make Germany greenhouse gas neutral by 2050 and at the same time significantly reduce our raw material requirements? This RESCUE study provides six different scenarios for this. But it also shows that we are all challenged: Politics, business, science and we as citizens: We all have to learn to abandon unsustainable paths and to avoid or replace particularly greenhouse gas and resource-intensive products as quickly as possible. This brochure shows how a greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-saving Germany will be designed by 2050 and what our life in a greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-saving society could look like.

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