Grießhammer, R. & Brohmann, B.How to manage social transformations and innovations – Transformation strategies and models of change regarding social change towards sustainability

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Grießhammer, R. & Brohmann, B.

Release Date:
November 2015

Release Date:
Federal Environmental Agency, Berlin

How does society manage to transform successfully towards more sustainability? What guidance can one expect from the corresponding literature on transformation describing fundamental challenges and conditions for success? This brochure critically evaluates the transformation-literature in terms of new insights and its practical relevance and also supplements it on selected questions. Moreover, essential results for the practice, policy recommendations and an outlook for further research is offered. Hence, this brochure addresses active people in politics, public administrations, businesses, the civil society and local networks, who make key decisions regarding the environment and sustainability or are involved in the multiplication and communication of such topics.

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